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Jeanne Beker Wouldn't Send You to a French Bookstore

January 14th, 2007 (01:23 pm)

A couple of days ago I went to Maison de la Presse Internationale in tony Yorkville because I needed a copy of this magazine called Marie Claire Idees. It's a crafting magazine from Paris and after doing some Google searches I found out it's really popular on this side of the pond as well. Since I was doing crafts for the site, I wanted to pick it up. Unfortunately, the bookstore didn't have it; I ended up getting a decor magazine instead, called Art et  Decoration just because I didn't want to leave empty handed. Anyway, while in the store, this really chi chi lady came in and rudely shouted at one of the clerks who was stocking the shelves "Do you work here?" and the clerk said yes. Then she said "Where's FQ?" and the clerk looked a little confused. The bookstore sells English language magazines as well, which FQ (Fashion Quarterly magazine) is, so I guess the clerk was trying to figure out if they sold a foreign magazine with the same name. So, this woman gets into a big huff and starts rummaging through the magazines and another clerk comes from behind the counter and says "Yes, we do have it" and brings huffy over to it. "This isn't the one I want. I want the one with (something I don't remember what) on the cover." The clerk says this is the latest issue they have. "Well Jeanne said I could find the issue I want here!" Jeanne of course being Jeanne Beker, host of Fashion Television and the editor of FQ. First, why would she send you to look for an English-language publication at a French bookstore and second, why do you think anyone cares that you know "Jeanne." And, third if you're so close to Jeanne that you're dropping her name, wouldn't she just have a copy of this issue couriered to you? Lol. It was funny. The clerk told her to try Indigo's instead. D'uh. Anyway, the lesson of this story? Get over yourself Yorkville! Ha! Did Sassafraz not just burn to the ground? Please behave before the wrath falls upon your manicured toes. In other news, I'm still looking for Marie Claire Idees, so if you see it in this city, let me know! Apparently it's sold in Montreal, but I won't be back to that town for a few months... boooo.