If it's 7 am it must be time for...

...Laundry! Yeah you read right. I get up at the crack o' dawn on the weekends (usually Sunday) to do one of two things a) stake my washers at the laundromat 2 minutes from my flat or b) pile up on all the sale items at the grocery storse. Sadly, I'm too broke to go on my usual huge grocery shopping trip (I got my hair did yesterday, lol, it was more expensive than I thought. In fact I had *exactly* enough money. Whew). Let me tell you, I get great satisfaction out of doing ALL my clothes in one go. No fighting for the machines, no concern that someone's going to take your clothes out (yuck). Ah, it's the little things, ya know...

Jeanne Beker Wouldn't Send You to a French Bookstore

A couple of days ago I went to Maison de la Presse Internationale in tony Yorkville because I needed a copy of this magazine called Marie Claire Idees. It's a crafting magazine from Paris and after doing some Google searches I found out it's really popular on this side of the pond as well. Since I was doing crafts for the site, I wanted to pick it up. Unfortunately, the bookstore didn't have it; I ended up getting a decor magazine instead, called Art et  Decoration just because I didn't want to leave empty handed. Anyway, while in the store, this really chi chi lady came in and rudely shouted at one of the clerks who was stocking the shelves "Do you work here?" and the clerk said yes. Then she said "Where's FQ?" and the clerk looked a little confused. The bookstore sells English language magazines as well, which FQ (Fashion Quarterly magazine) is, so I guess the clerk was trying to figure out if they sold a foreign magazine with the same name. So, this woman gets into a big huff and starts rummaging through the magazines and another clerk comes from behind the counter and says "Yes, we do have it" and brings huffy over to it. "This isn't the one I want. I want the one with (something I don't remember what) on the cover." The clerk says this is the latest issue they have. "Well Jeanne said I could find the issue I want here!" Jeanne of course being Jeanne Beker, host of Fashion Television and the editor of FQ. First, why would she send you to look for an English-language publication at a French bookstore and second, why do you think anyone cares that you know "Jeanne." And, third if you're so close to Jeanne that you're dropping her name, wouldn't she just have a copy of this issue couriered to you? Lol. It was funny. The clerk told her to try Indigo's instead. D'uh. Anyway, the lesson of this story? Get over yourself Yorkville! Ha! Did Sassafraz not just burn to the ground? Please behave before the wrath falls upon your manicured toes. In other news, I'm still looking for Marie Claire Idees, so if you see it in this city, let me know! Apparently it's sold in Montreal, but I won't be back to that town for a few months... boooo.

You make feel so shiny and new!

I hope you're cleaning before you head out to get down tonight. You have to clean your place from top to bottom before New Year's day or you'll carry the mess from last year with you into the new year (literally and figuratively). I believe I've preached this wives tale before, because I'm crazy and superstitious like that. So far I've given the bathroom the white glove approval and just finished the stove (God help me). Up next my bedroom closet and then the kitchen floor gets a good mopping. Promise me you'll clean! At the least organize your purse or your wallet. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to be doing tonight , have 2 events I *could* go to (people from work will be at one, people from work won't be at the other), but do I really want to go to either? Not really... I'm cold (note to self: get a space heater) and I'm only in the mood for wrapping up in my blanket, eating myself into a coma and watching all the countdown shows on TV... in my clean apartment.

High School = Real World

Remember when you were in high school and couldn't wait to get out because you were sick of all the bullshit and "childish" crap and blah blah blah? At what point in your adult life did you realize the working world was EXACTLY like high school?

How-to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

I beat the clog! Yes, I've had this nasty clog in my bathroom sink (sorry is that TMI?) and I've been reluctant to call a) the super, because then she'll snoop and b) a plumber because it would cost too much. I did a little online research and figured out how to do it myself. Ah, the satisfaction of being a single girl in the city and solving her own home repair dilemmas... and without further ado:

How to Unclog Your Bathroom Sink

1. Take a wet towel and put in that slot where the water drains from (not the drain, the little slot thingy that drains the excess water).

2. Fill the basin with some water (if it isn't already) and take your plunger and go at it!

3. If it's still clogged, take a wire coat hanger, undo it so it's straight and force it down the drain. If you can make a little hook out of it (I couldn't) do so and try to pull out the gunk (gross!) or push it down. 

4. Mix equal parts baking soda and regular white vinegar and pour it down the drain. Now turn on the hot water and let it run for a few minutes.

Et voila! Your sink should be unclogged. If not, call you uncle.


Can't stand by myself
Hate to sleep alone
Suprises always help
So I take somebody home
To find out how I feel
I feel like just a baby
Portrait of a lady
Poster of a girl!
Do do do de do, do do do do do, do de do do do, poster of a girl!
Do do do de do, do do do do do, do de do do do, poster of a girl!

Lol... you love it.

Manliness means never having to say you're a half wit from Harvard.

I'm watching this guy, Harvey Mansfield, on the CBC right now talking about the politics of manliness, which he defines as "confidence in a situation of risk" and according to him, women don't really have this trait, at least not as much as men. And, when women do have this trait, it's because they're actually acting manly, which in turn, isn't natural. Uh... OK there...

And, I might add, he is a Harvard professor. And, he's written a book about this little thesis and he's making the talk show rounds. Here's a link, to some of Mansfields' comments and Naomi Wolf's comments on his comments... Lord:


I wonder what Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would have to say about this guy.

I'm going to bed...